Shang Shang Typhoon : BIOGRAPHY

Who is Shang Shang Typhoon?

The unique Japanese music band, Shang Shang Typhoon debuted with their first album gShang Shang Typhoonh in 1990. They mix many kinds of music and artistic elements from all over the world to create their own original sound. Their big hit-song, gAi-yori-aoi-umi (the most blue ocean than LOVE)h was used by JAL (Japan Airlines) as the companyfs domestic campaign song in 1991.

Their 2nd album gShang Shang Typhoon 2h also became a big hit, and they became well know as a unique music band. The sound is nostalgic and their own original melody line with mixing sounds of Asian, Jazz, reggae, Okinawa music, and traditional music and so on. Their activities reach beyond music to a wide range of movie, theater play and media.

Shang Shang Typhoonfs super live-concert

Their live-concerts have been held at unusual places, such as small cottages, Japanese Sake cellars, temples, shrines, a bullring, a fish market, on a riverside, and of course, in concert halls and theaters. The bandfs total number of concerts now numbers more than 500 and a wide range of generations have come to see their live shows.

For the band, the most important element of a live appearance is to select the proper place and appropriate atmosphere in which to perform.

Shang Shang Typhoon has also toured through France, South-East Asia, China, India and Korea in a wide variety of contexts: electric, acoustic, and a combination of the two. Their largest appearance in Japan took place at the gShang Shang Typhoon Festivalh in 1990.

Shang Shang Typhoon discography

They have released 11 albums, 18 singles, one live album ,one Best Album, one DVD , and 2 sound trucks. Their latest album is the gShang Shang Typhoon 11 -ATTARIMAEDA-h released on June 2006, and their latest single is the gUTAINAGARA YORU WO YUKEh released on November 2007. Moreover, they were featured as guests on Cyndi Lauperfs album gSisters of Avalonh, recording 2 songs for this album.

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